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I Am Patrick Ryan
Your Wingman

We are on a quest to help you break through the barriers that are keeping you from finding the woman of your dreams.

Are you harboring resentment from failed relationships or giving off a vibe that says you’re only interested in one thing?

If so, you’re not alone. These are the most common barriers to finding your soulmate. But Wingman For You is here to help!

Most women can see through these men’s intentions which can hamper a man’s attempt at meeting that special lady. Many women have given up on finding the man of their dreams. They no longer go out to meet people, they are reluctant to attend events, and some are even cynical when men approach them.


Today’s environment is steeped in resignation, with both men and women totally giving up on finding that special someone.

What occurs as a result of this stubborn environment is awkwardness, loneliness, and in some cases depression. We hear it all the time – men believe that the only reason women want to be in a relationship is that the guy is rich. They don’t marry a person; they marry a lifestyle!

These relationships are hollow, empty and in many cases, lonelier than being alone.

What we are left with is great men and women living alone – by themselves dreaming that someday they will stumble upon that ever-lasting romantic relationship. All they need to do is put aside their indifferent attitude and get back in the game with the right intentions.

Taking action is easy, but knowing how to approach women organically, knowing what to say, how to express confidence to show a woman that your intentions are honorable. There are many great men out there with so much to offer the right lady that resignation is not an option.

Yes, women will tell men to go away, or say, “I’m not interested.” This happens to all the guys.

But, once you learn the secrets to speaking to a woman’s emotions, she will want to know more about you! She will nearly beg you to take her out on a date because you have aroused her interest.

Simple Steps That can Change Your Life

I Am Patrick Ryan
Your Wingman

All my life I’ve always been curious – curious about human behavior and what makes us humans tick.

What’s interesting about this intrigued curiosity is that I never pursued it on a professional level until I began the Wingman For You program.

Like all of us earthlings, what I have learned and how I have arrived where I am today, is simply the sum of my life experiences.

Two failed “marriages,” dating more than 250 women in a 9 year stretch and the lesson’s I have learned from failures has provided me insights that one cannot possess unless one has a deep desire to learn and has walked the path of my journey.   

Today, life is good.  I’m married to the woman of my dreams. We have set some great goals for our family.  We both work hard, earn a decent living and have plans for our future.  But it’s not always be such a “rosy” picture.  No, not at all. 

In The Pursuit of Love

I realized that creating trust is one of the most difficult aspects of any relationship. 

As a student of relationship Psychology, I have developed a conversation method that demonstrates care and understanding which are the two main ingredients in trust. 

And it’s in this conversation method that I have tested over and over again – tweak, shift and modify dozens of times to arrive at a final draft which builds trust in a very short time; allowing us men to land any woman we want! 

When this discovery was observed working in the “field” nearly 100% of the time, I decided to release it to the massive market of men who struggle to approach women or who simply have challenges with the man / woman conversation.

Look at my videos and learn now what took me decades to understand. 

What you will learn from these videos will lead you to become a dominate person who is in control of who you date, who you love and whom you would like to spent the rest of your life.

Learn to Attract, Meet & Date Women for Lasting Relationships