All my life I’ve always been curious – curious about human behavior and what makes us humans tick. What’s interesting about this intrigued curiosity is that I never pursued it on a professional level until I began the Wingman For You program. Like all of us earthlings, what I have learned and how I have arrived where I am today, is simply the sum of my life experiences. Two failed “marriages,” dating more than 250 women in a 9 year stretch and the lesson’s I have learned from failures has provided me insights that one cannot possess unless one has a deep desire to learn and has walked the path of my journey. Today, life is good.  I’m married to the woman of my dreams. We have set some great goals for our family.  We both work hard, earn a decent living and have plans for our future.  But it’s not always be such a “rosy” picture.  No, not at all. Years ago, I suffered from many self-doubts about who I am.  My self-confidence was low, and I knew I needed to seek professional help. For many years I spent time and money on traditional and experiential counseling, neurolinguistic programming, and on nearly any “self-help” program and book I could find that could help me redefine my purpose in life.

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