How You Can Use Valentine’s Day To Find Your Special Someone

If you are single, Valentine’s Day can be a rude reminder of what you haven’t found yet. Don’t let this Valentine’s Day get you down! There is love in the air in February, and here are several ways you can use the spirit of the holiday to find your someone special. Women Are Also Looking […]

There Are Better Ways Than Online Dating to Find Genuine Connections

Without the right tools, the quest for an authentic connection can feel hopeless. As a professional dating coach, my clients experience the strongest success when they step from behind the screen and toward an organic way of meeting potential partners. Online dating seems like an easy solution, and I do help some clients use it […]

How ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Can Teach Us To Be Better Dates

Are you a man struggling to find the woman of your dreams? Do you find yourself identifying more with the socially awkward characters on “The Big Bang Theory” than with the strong, confident men who seem to always land the most attractive women? If so, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Over the years, I’ve met […]

Indulge in Spring and Summer Activities to Meet the Woman of Your Dreams

One of the great ironies about finding and building a lasting romantic relationship is that the happier you are in your current life, the easier it is to arouse interest from beautiful women. As a relationship and dating coach who helps men learn to attract the women they really want to meet, I often find […]

Relationships Don’t Just Benefit the People in Them

Better Relationships = Better Workers: Relationships Don’t Just Benefit the People in Them Photo By Aleksandr Simonov | Adobe Stock Everybody’s heard the term “work-life balance,” and it’s become a more important concept as our understanding of business evolves. Study after study has proven that productivity and even the overall success of an organization can […]

How important is it to have a work-life balance for your relationships?

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) – How important is it to have a work-life balance for your relationships? VERY! We talk about it with Patrick Ryan, Founder of Wingman for You. Here are some statistics: 83% of U.S. employees say their personal relationships are negatively impacted by burnout from work. FlexJobs’ Work-Life-Relationship survey indicates 64% of […]

New Year New Relationship

It’s a new year, and with it comes the same old desire: to improve your dating life. But how can you make this year different? How can you attract the woman of your dreams and finally enjoy the relationship you want? Discover Essential Secrets to Successful Dating As the founder of Wingman for You, I’ve […]

Online Dating Going Nowhere?

You Can Meet the Woman of Your Dreams You’re ready to get back in the game, but online dating seems more like a game of Russian Roulette. It can be a grueling exercise in futility with lots of time and energy invested and little to show for it. Even worse, you can get your hopes […]

Dating and the Pandemic

Finding the woman of your dreams has never been easy, but things have gotten even harder with the recent global pandemic. A new study indicates that post-pandemic, single-and-looking adults are finding dating more challenging than ever before. Today, I’m going to talk about how the pandemic has changed dating, the problems single guys like you […]

Handling the Holidays Single

Even if you love the holiday season and look forward to time with your family, navigating the end of the year when you’re single can bring up some awkward conversations. Here are some fun ways to handle prying family questions, navigate holiday gatherings, and use seasonal events to your dating advantage. Keep the Conversation Lighthearted […]