Even if you love the holiday season and look forward to time with your family, navigating the end of the year when you’re single can bring up some awkward conversations. Here are some fun ways to handle prying family questions, navigate holiday gatherings, and use seasonal events to your dating advantage.

Keep the Conversation Lighthearted

If you are single and would rather be in a relationship, the question “Why are you single?” can feel like a dagger through your heart. Whether the asker is well intended or not, unless it is a person you deeply trust and want a heart-to-heart with, the best response is playful and lighthearted. Here are some fun responses you can use to that question over the holidays (and until you meet the woman of your dreams):

Speaking with confidence, you can say:

This Is Your Holiday Season

Remember, this is your holiday season. Don’t let anyone else dictate the terms for your holiday season. You get to decide what you do and who enjoys your company.

You don’t need to attend every dinner, party, or gathering. If certain holiday events or gatherings will get you down, it’s okay to say no or make a brief appearance. There’s also no need to tell people why you won’t be attending, as long as it’s good for you.

Instead, you can be proactive and enjoy the season as much as possible. Create new traditions, take a trip, or buy yourself something you’ve wanted but normally wouldn’t purchase for yourself.

Seasonal Activities and Events Can Be Opportunities

At Wingman For You, we’ve found approaching a woman organically is the better way to forge a lasting romantic relationship than dating apps. Holiday parties can be a great way to meet new people. If there’s a chance you might have fun, go to the party!

Seasonal activities and events are perfect for meeting new people with similar interests outside traditional dating scenes, like bars and clubs. Many single women feel just as awkward about the holiday season and look for the same thing as you. Don’t put any pressure on yourself or the situation. Just go out there and see who you meet.

If you want a pre-game pep talk, check out our videos on building self-confidence and tips for capturing the attention of women.

Throw Your Own Parties or Gatherings

The holiday season is ideal for practicing “giver’s gain.” Sometimes stretching ourselves out of our comfort zone or being generous with our time and energy can bring us rewards in surprising ways.

If you have several single friends, throwing a party or planning a fun outing can be an excellent holiday distraction and another way to maximize the season’s social opportunities. It doesn’t all have to be about you; festivities can be an opportunity for matchmaking friends with common interests. Or, enjoy the festive atmosphere and the company of other single people.

If hosting is not your style, there are many ways to get involved during the holidays that get you out of the house. Toy drives, food drives, polar express parties for kids in shelters, serving meals, or sponsoring a family are all opportunities to step outside of your life and benefit your larger community.

Enjoy Your Life as You Find the Woman of Your Dreams

Part of capturing the attention of a woman and arousing interest is self-confidence. Don’t wait to enjoy life until you find that special person. Doing things and developing friendships you enjoy will help you be more confident with women and go a long way to improving the conversation when you meet someone special.

If you’ve been dreading being single over the holidays, turn that around! This season is a great time to meet new people and enjoy yourself. We hope these tips will help you have a joyous holiday season!