FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) – How important is it to have a work-life balance for your relationships? VERY! We talk about it with Patrick Ryan, Founder of Wingman for You.

Here are some statistics:

83% of U.S. employees say their personal relationships are negatively impacted by burnout from work. FlexJobs’ Work-Life-Relationship survey indicates 64% of U.S. employees feel that a flexible job would positively impact their romantic relationships, and a staggering 80% believe it would enable them to be more attentive partners.

Recent data reveals that 48% of working Americans consider themselves workaholics, with 94% of U.S. service professionals admitting to clocking over 50 hours per week. 53% desire a better work-life balance for overall well-being, and 66% confess to lacking the desired work-life balance.

Studies show that the percentage of Americans who successfully managed their professional and personal obligations dropped from 65% in 2020 to 60% in 2021. According to another FlexJobs survey, 73% of respondents said work-life balance is the second most important perk they look for and consider when evaluating a job offer.

About Wingman For You:

Patrick Ryan has always been curious about humans, their behavior, and what makes them tick. He never pursued this curiosity on a professional level until he began the Wingman For You program. He learned that people are a sum of their life experiences. After the failure of his second marriage in 2008, Patrick found himself single and alone once again. He embarked on a nine-year journey, dating more than 250 women, and learned the secrets to attracting a woman’s attention until he found the woman of his dreams. This translated into powerful and valuable insights that every man should know.

Wingman For You helps men find the woman of their dreams by first helping them build self-confidence and then teaching them how to approach women organically. Surveys indicate that 80% of women would never use a dating site. If a client chooses to use a dating site, Wingman For You assists in creating a top-performing profile and provides valuable advice on contacting women and encouraging them to respond. Wingman For You teaches their clients the secrets to communicating with women to attract their attention, arouse their interest, and ultimately develop a lasting romantic relationship so they will never be alone again.

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