One of the great ironies about finding and building a lasting romantic relationship is that the happier you are in your current life, the easier it is to arouse interest from beautiful women. As a relationship and dating coach who helps men learn to attract the women they really want to meet, I often find that mindset is the first thing that needs coaching.

Some men who would rather be in a lasting romantic relationship view living alone as a burden. While sharing your life with the right person can have countless benefits, rushing to “close the deal” because you don’t like being alone can result in pain and setbacks.

You may be surprised to know that 28% of Americans live alone. That’s nearly one in three! Even if you are actively working toward meeting and building a life with the woman of your dreams, many others are also living alone.

How I Help Men Be More Confident With Women

Scarcity breeds desperation, so I help my clients feel happier and more confident on their own. I help men break through their fears and anxieties so they can approach women organically, starting with the initial goal of building friendships.

I know some men see friendships with women as a waste of time, but I’ve found it is a highly effective way to build the foundation for the life you want to live. It’s important to be open and confident to meet new people and create bonds.

A lasting romantic relationship is built on attraction, compatibility, and trust. Friendships are a powerful way to build a better understanding of women, practice the secrets to communicating and body language I teach, and learn to make that emotional level connection that women crave.

Even if a specific friendship never turns into the meaningful romantic connection you are looking for, you are getting yourself out of the scarcity mindset and building your confidence, comfort, and skills. You have more people to enjoy fun activities with and put yourself in the driver’s seat of your dating life—which brings you closer to the woman of your dreams.

Spring and Summer Is the Best Time to Meet the Woman of Your Dreams

In my research, I’ve learned that the majority of available, attractive, and desirable women never use dating apps. Some men use them successfully, and I can help you optimize your profile if you prefer, but for many, it’s an unfortunate trap.

Instead, I recommend getting out into the world and practicing arousing interest and speaking with confidence. Here are some fun spring and summer activities you can use to move your dating life forward.

Mini-Vacations and Road Trips

Shake up your routine and explore the surrounding areas with mini vacations and road trips throughout the summer. It’s a great way to get comfortable approaching beautiful women and improving the conversation. Further, people are often more open while traveling.

Become a Regular at the Farmer’s Market

Out in the fresh air and sunshine, enjoying the local wares is a great setting to strike up a conversation. While not everyone at a farmer’s market is single, those without a partner there tend to be health-conscious or earth-conscious.

Host a BBQ, Bonfire, or Board Game Night

Spring and summer are great times to bring friends together. If you don’t have the space to BBQ in your backyard, reserve a spot at the beach for a bonfire. Another fun activity that helps you get to know people better is a board game night.

Volunteer for a Meaningful Cause

Common values can be a solid foundation for a lasting romantic relationship. If you feel strongly about any cause, volunteering is a good way to meet others who share your values.

Invite Friends to Music in the Park

Many areas host music in the park events, which can be very popular. Invite a friend or a few to music in the park. Bring seats, blankets, snacks, and beverages, and enjoy the music and the people.

Be a Tourist in Your Own City

If you were to host guests from out of town, what might you show them that you’ve never done yourself? Spring and summer are the ideal time to get out and explore the area where you live.

Enjoy a Wine Tasting

A wine tasting is a fun and social event. Check out wineries in your area. Sometimes local wine shops or clubs host wine tastings. At the very least, you’ll learn a bit about wine and be ready to pick a great one when needed.

Build the Life You Want Starting Today

After the failure of his second marriage in 2008, Patrick found himself single and alone once again. During the next nine-years he learned the secrets to attracting a woman’s attention and began on a journey of dating more than 250 women until he found the woman of his dreams. This translated into great valuable insights that every man should know. This ends up being a self-defeating strategy because the best way to find your special person is to get out and enjoy life right now.

Don’t wait! Use this spring and summer to explore the area, practice capturing the attention of women, and enjoy yourself. If you’d like a free video series on how you can meet the woman of your dreams, connect with me here. Photo By Studio Romantic | Adobe Stock