Without the right tools, the quest for an authentic connection can feel hopeless. As a professional dating coach, my clients experience the strongest success when they step from behind the screen and toward an organic way of meeting potential partners.

Online dating seems like an easy solution, and I do help some clients use it well. However, if you’re frustrated with dating in today’s world, you are about to be validated. The research shows online dating only works for a small percentage of people.

2023 Pew Research Findings on Online Dating

The first important finding from the 2023 Pew Research Online Dating Report is only three out of ten American adults say they have ever used online dating, and only 9% in the past year. Since around 30% of people over 30 are single, a disappointingly small subsection of the dating pool is available online.

While many assume that the adoption of online dating is increasing, the percentage who reported ever using the apps in 2023 was the same as in 2019.

A Disproportionate Number of Men

If you’re a single man looking to meet the woman of your dreams, you have more competition on dating apps than in real life. More men than women use the apps, and their experience is different.

In the Pew Research study, 54% of women who used dating sites reported feeling overwhelmed by the number of messages they received. Men’s experience was vastly different; 64% reported feeling insecure due to the lack of messages they received.

I have personal knowledge of men’s struggles. My journey to happiness inspired me to help men be more confident with women. I want you to feel at ease when you see someone you’d like to meet, knowing you can approach women organically. It’s better than dealing with loneliness or settling for what comes your way on a poorly populated dating platform.

Only One in Ten Partnered Adults Met Online

In the Pew Research survey, only 12% of respondents who are currently married or in a committed relationship met through a dating site. This reflects my experience with clients. I see the most dramatic success with clients who make steady efforts to increase their work/life balance and learn to habitually approach women organically.

Where Do People Meet?

A Pew Research Online Dating Study published in 2020 identified where people met their partners. The largest group of committed couples, 32%, met through personal networks.

The next two biggest groups met through:

Of the 12% of couples who met online, less than two-thirds met through a dating site. The others met through social media, discussion forums, messaging apps, or online gaming.

These numbers are significant. Nearly 60% of people met through friends, family, work, and school. Even with the rise of online dating options, more people create lasting relationships when they can meet in person and spend time together.

Many capable, intelligent men are nervous around women, which interferes with their ability to capture a woman’s attention and arouse their interest. If this describes you, don’t worry! My coaching is designed to help you build confidence and learn to attract women in honorable and effective ways.

A Lasting Romantic Relationship Is in Your Future

Many new clients come to me impatient to meet the woman of their dreams. The mistake they are making is putting off their happiness until after they have a lasting romantic relationship. The key to success is to be strong and steady in your dating efforts while finding ways to enjoy your life now, on the road to relationship success.

Think about the women you meet or know. Would you rather date someone miserable in her life and looking for a man to make it better? Or would you prefer a woman who is full of vitality, enjoying her life, and looking for the right man to share it with?

Attraction is an art and a science, and I help you exude confidence in an authentic way that improves your conversation with the women who truly interest you.

The dating struggle is real. Nearly half of the Pew study participants said dating was harder today than 10 years ago, but I have the tools and insights to help you overcome the obstacles and live the life you want. Learn more at my website, or connect with me to get started. Image By bsvit | Adobe Stock