If you are single, Valentine’s Day can be a rude reminder of what you haven’t found yet. Don’t let this Valentine’s Day get you down! There is love in the air in February, and here are several ways you can use the spirit of the holiday to find your someone special.

Women Are Also Looking for Love Around Valentine’s Day

While it can be tempting to hide from all of the Valentine’s Day hoopla and just wait until it’s over, you’re not the only single person feeling its pull. Single women also wish they had that special someone around the holiday, and it can be an excellent time to approach women organically and find the woman of your dreams.

Instead of running from Valentine’s Day, you can use it to create opportunities and lay the groundwork for a lasting romantic relationship.

Step 1: Be More Confident With Women

At Wingman for You, I understand that if you’ve been hurt or faced rejection, you may struggle to approach women. That’s why I begin by helping you be more confident with women, arousing their interest to connect on an emotional level.

Here’s a video I posted recently on eliminating your insecurities. Men who are nervous around a woman miss an opportunity. When you can approach women organically and with confidence, you help break down the barriers they’ve built around meeting and trusting a new person.

Step 2: Have Faith in the Process

One challenge of being single, especially if you’ve had difficult or unfulfilling relationships in the past, is trusting that you can have what you want. It usually takes some effort. You have to build new understandings and skills, but I have lived through failures to find the woman of my dreams and help my clients do the same.

In this video, I outline the three stages of finding the woman of your dreams. You can learn to attract women, and the more comfortable you get with capturing the attention of women, the more dating options you will have.

One thing my clients find very helpful is learning the secrets to communicating with women. How you approach a woman and what you say can pave the way for a deeper connection or cause them to put up their walls. Here is a short video on a common cause of communication breakdown between men and women.

Step 3: Get Out With Other Singles on Valentine’s Day

Even if you don’t have the time for my full coaching program before this Valentine’s Day, you take advantage of the holiday by mixing with other singles. Whether it’s on February 14th or around the actual day, here are three different ways you can use Valentine’s Day to find someone special.

Organize a Singles Only Party

You’re not the only single person looking for things to do on Valentine’s Day. You can create an event specifically for single people. There are many fun ways to present it and play off the idea of being single on Valentine’s but having fun anyway.

You can host a party at your house or meet at a fun setting like a miniature golf course (weather permitting). Since most restaurants and many bars and clubs are overrun with couples on Valentine’s Day, it’s best to stay away from those locations.

Find a Singles Event in Your Area

Check for singles events in your area. There may be a special event or meet-and-greet that will at least get you out of the house and meeting new people. Plus, you’ll rest assured that everyone there is single.

Go Out (or Stay in) With Your Best Single Guy Friends

It can be disheartening to spend Valentine’s Day alone in your house. If you don’t want to host a party or attend a single’s event, invite some guy friends over or have a night out together.

If you go out, do your best to avoid places that will be full of couples and look for bars or other venues that might be advertising for singles or less inviting to couples celebrating together. Even if you and your friends don’t meet someone that night, at least you went out and had a good time.

Don’t Hide: Put Yourself Out There

The bottom line for finding and building a lasting relationship with the woman of your dreams is getting past any fears and insecurities, building confidence and skills, and putting yourself out there. Valentine’s Day may be seen by many as a couple’s holiday, but it’s also a time that people are acutely aware they don’t have the relationship they want.

Be bold and put yourself out there! If you’re looking for some support and coaching through the process, I’m the Wingman for You

Image By Philip Steury | Adobe Stock